What is Chronoshift?

Chronoshift is a server emulator for older versions of the League of Legends™ Client. It is being developed by a small team of enthusiasts to provide the opportunity to experience an earlier version of the game

What Versions are Supported?

Currently patches and are supported. Our main effort will be focused on versions from Beta, Season One, and Season Two (2009-2012). Nothing later than will be available for technical reasons.

Is Chronoshift Available to Play Now?

We are currently in closed beta testing, with a limited player group. See below for how you can keep up with the project and potentially be invited to test!

Are You Affiliated with Any Previous League of Legends™ Emulation or Recreation Effort?

No, Chronoshift was created from scratch, and is not affiliated with any other effort or project.

Is Chronoshift Open Source?

Chronoshift is currently closed source. We hope to eventually open source the project, for now we want to centralize testing and avoid issues with bad actors who may attempt to use our work to enrich themselves or who would bring the project into disrepute.

How can I Keep Up to Date on Chronoshift Information, Including Opportunities to Alpha and Beta Test?

We're glad you asked! You can follow us on Twitter or join our Discord server!